Peter Aaby, MSc, DMSc

Head of Bandim Health Project
Statens Serum Institut
5 Artillerivej , 206/108
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
+45 3268 3268

Research area

Acute infections and their long-term consequences, including measles, polio, chickenpox, RSV, diarrhoea, HIV-2. Preventive health programmes in developing countries, in particular vaccination, diarrhoea control, and breast feeding programmes.

Selected publications

  • Jespersen S, Hønge BL, Esbjörnsson J, Medina C, da Silva Té D, Correira FG, Laursen AL, Østergaard L, Andersen A,, Aaby P, Erikstrup C, Wejse C, for Bissau HIV Cohort study group, Fomsgaard A Differential effects of sex in a West African cohort of HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1/2 dually infected patients: men are worse off. Trop Med Int Health.2016; 21(2), 253-262
  • Sørup S, Benn CS, Poulsen A, Krause TG, Aaby P, Ravn H Simultaneous vaccination with MMR and DTaP-IPV-Hib and rate of hospital admissions with any infections: A nationwide register based cohort study. Vaccine.2016; 34(50), 6172-6180 PubMed
  • Fisker AB, Ravn H, Rodrigues A, Østergaard M, Bale C, Benn CS, Aaby P Co-administration of live measles and yellow fever vaccines and inactivated pentavalent vaccines is associated with increased mortality compared with measles and yellow fever vaccines only. An observational study from Guinea-Bissau. Vaccine.2014; 32(5), 598-605
  • Rudolf F, Haraldsdottir TL, Mendes MS, Wagner A, Aaby P, Østergaard L, Eugen-Olsen J, Wejse C Can tuberculosis case finding among health-care seeking adults be improved? Observations from Bissau. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis.2014; 18, 277-285
  • Christensen LD, Eriksen HB, Biering-Sørensen S, Balé C, Do VA, Andersen AN, Martins CL, Sodemann M, Aaby P, Benn CS The effect of early measles vaccination on thymic size. A randomized study from Guinea-Bissau. Vaccine.2014; 32, 1641-1644 PubMed


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