New country classification for Zika virus

29 March 2017

The WHO, the ECDC (the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) and the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have introduced a joint country classification for Zika virus infection as per 10 March 2017.

Yellow fever in Brazil

29 March 2017

The yellow fever outbreak in Brazil is still spreading to new areas that are not normally considered yellow fever risk areas.

Stable number of hepatitis C infections

22 March 2017

In 2016, Statens Serum Institut received 6 notifications of acute and 234 notifications of chronic hepatitis C. These numbers are in line with those recorded in recent years.

Measles detected in Aarhus

22 March 2017

A woman in her twenties has had measles detected at Aarhus University hospital. The woman had not received MMR vaccination as a child and in all likelihood became infected while traveling in Asia. The measles virus has not yet been typed.

SSI a leader in profiting from its discoveries

17 March 2017

SSI is the public research institution that over a ten-year period has profited the most from transfer of its own new technologies, a report from Research and Innovation reveals.

Cases of hepatitis A in Europe among men who have sex with men

15 March 2017

Europe is currently seeing three outbreaks of hepatitis A that are associated with sexual transmission. Since February 2016, 287 cases have been reported in a total of 13 countries – including Denmark. Vaccination provides effective protection against the condition.

Phasing-put of the temporary vaccination programme

15 March 2017

Since Week 7/8 2016, the childhood vaccination programme has temporarily employed the Hexyon vaccine®, which - in addition to protecting against the same conditions as the DTaP-IPV/Act-Hib® - also protects against hepatitis B, EPI-NEWS 3/16 and 5/16.

Only very few people become infected with hepatitis B in Denmark

8 March 2017

In 2016, as previously, the majority of persons notified with hepatitis B were from high-endemic countries and had become infected by birth in their countries of origin. As something new, many of those infected were from the Middle East.

Increase in the incidence of invasive meningococcal disease caused by group W135

15 February 2017

2016 saw a total of eight cases of W135 compared with a normal average of two annual cases. Nevertheless, the increase in the number of W135 cases should be interpreted in the light of the fact that 2016 saw the lowest ever number of meningococcal disease recorded in Denmark since monitoring was introduced in 1980.

Vaccination reminders are now sent to e-Boks

8 February 2017

Statens Serum Institut sends out reminders about lacking childhood vaccination to e-Boks as from 6 February 2017. This new measure ensures that the reminders reach their recipients quickly and safely.


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