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CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP), protects patients, protects healthcare personnel, and promotes safety, quality, and value in the healthcare delivery system by providing national leadership for nine key areas.

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Infection Control in Healthcare Settings
HICPAC - Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee 

ECDC - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
ECDC's mission is to identify, assess and communicate current and emerging threats to human health posed by infectious diseases.

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Healthcare-associated infections (HAI)



EUNETIPS - European Network to promote infection prevention for patient safety is to promote better cooperation among nations, to share experiences, to promote and support initiatives in infection prevention for patient safety particularly at a European level, recognizing and making the most of all single member societies. 

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Patient safety and healthcare-associated infections


IFIC facilitates worldwide networking of individuals and societies active in infection prevention & control by fostering communication, providing essential tools and educational materials as well as helping in the development of infection control organizations where needed. 


EU Public Health

Europa-Kommissionens Direktorat for Folkesundhed og Risikovurdering.

Du kan læse om politikker og afgørelser, der træffes på europæisk, nationalt og internationalt plan for at beskytte europæernes helbred ved at give os mulighed for at træffe sunde valg og leve et sundere liv.

Sundhedseksperter kan også finde links til databaser med statistikker over folkesundhed.

EU's sundhedsstrategi omfatter alle relevante EU-politikområder og ledsages af et flerårigt sundhedsprogram.

The third health programme 2014-2020 funding health initiatives

The mission of the WHO Infection Prevention and Control in Health Care initiative is to assist Member States in reducing dissemination of infections associated with healthcare, by assisting with the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of national infection control policies.

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Infection Control
WHO Tools for Infection Control
Medical Dedical Devices: Managing The Mismatch
Antimicrobial resistance


Department of Health

The Department of Health (DH) lead across health and care by creating national policies and legislation, providing the long-term vision and ambition to meet current and future challenges, putting health and care at the heart of government and being a global leader in health and care policy. They support the integrity of the system by providing funding, assuring the delivery and continuity of services and accounting to Parliament in a way that represents the best interests of the patient, public and taxpayer. They champion innovation and improvement by supporting research and technology, promoting honesty, openness and transparency, and instilling a culture that values compassion, dignity and the highest quality of care above everything.

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Healthcare - UK 

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