René Jørgensen, PhD

René Jørgensen
Principal Scientist
Statens Serum Institut
5 Artillerivej , 47/204
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
+45 3268 3268


Principal scientist of a research group in Department of Microbiology & Infection Control with focus on:

  • Characterising virulence factors from pathogenic bacteria

Research area

  • Structural and enzymatic charaterisation of toxins from enteropatogenic bacteria
  • Identification and characterisation of new potential toxins
  • Screening for new inhibitors which can inactivate the toxins

For more information please go to www.imbex.org

Prices and awards

  • Recipient of the Sapere Aude DFF-Starting Grant 2012 from the Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) - Medical Sciences

Selected publications

  • Jørgensen R, Grimm LL, Sindhuwinata N, Peters T, Palcic MM A glycosyltransferase inhibitor from a molecular fragment library simultaneously interferes with metal ion and substrate binding. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl.2012; 51(17), 4171-4175 PubMed
  • Pesnot T, Jørgensen R (co 1st author), Palcic MM, Wagner GK Structural and mechanistic basis for a new mode of glycosyltransferase inhibition. Nat Chem Biol.2010; 6(5), 321-323 PubMed
  • Jørgensen R, Wang Y, Visschedyk D, Merrill AR The nature and character of the transition state for the ADP-ribosyltransferase reaction. EMBO Rep.2008; 9(8), 802-809 PubMed
  • Yates SP, Jørgensen R, Andersen GR, Merrill AR Stealth and mimicry by deadly bacterial toxins. Trends Biochem Sci.2006; 31(2), 123-133 PubMed
  • Jørgensen R, Merrill AR, Yates SP, Marquez VE, Schwan AL, Boesen T, Andersen GR Exotoxin A-eEF2 complex structure indicates ADP ribosylation by ribosome mimicry. Nature.2005; 436(7053), 979-984 PubMed