How to apply for data

All researchers with a project that falls within the overall aim of the DNBC may apply for data.


Request Application Form

Please start by requesting the newest version of the DNBC application form. Send your request to:
Fill it in and return it together with a short protocol to:

Your application will be given a reference number and will be submitted to the DNBC Management and then to the DNBC Steering Committee. You can expect to hear from us again after 6-8 weeks.

If you are asking for data where individuals may be identified, you must seek permission with the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet).

If you are applying for biological material you also need permission from the Committee on Biomedical Research Ethics (Videnskabsetisk komité).


Your dataset is available on our server

To enhance data security your dataset will be made available to you through a secure connection to our server at Aarhus University.
Please direct your inquiries to data managers Lone Fredslund () or Inge Eisensee ().

The cost of data

The price for your dataset will depend on the time our data managers spend on assisting you and constructing your dataset. Usually, the price will be around DKK 10 - 15,000. The connection to the server including storage space costs DKK 5,000 a year.


Last revised 17 June 2016


Danish National Birth Cohort

Inger Kristine Meder

DNBC Secretariat
Tel: + 45 3268 8121

Accessing data with Citrix

Below you will find the terms for accessing your DNBC-dataset via Citrix.

Access to data from the DNBC - general information