SSI a leader in profiting from its discoveries

SSI is the public research institution that over a ten-year period has profited the most from transfer of its own new technologies, a report from Research and Innovation reveals.

Research carried out at Statens Serum Institut regularly results in patents and licenses and eventually in new health products on the shelves to the benefit of public health.

Tests for and vaccines against tuberculosis e.g. are often the result of knowledge and technology developed by SSI. In fact, specifically licenses to develop products for the control of tuberculosis are the reason why SSI is at the absolute top of the game in a diagram presenting public research institutions’ profits from technology transfers in the report ‘Viden til Vækst’ from Research and Innovation, Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

In 2015, SSI’s revenues from licenses amounted to 129.1 mio DKK.

 Figur fra rapporten Viden til Vækst, der viser indtægter ved teknologioverførsel og udgifter til rettighedsbeskyttelse pr institution

Figure from the report "Viden til Vækst – offentligt-privat samspil om forskning 2015"

Research and development of vaccines and diagnostics continue

Despite the recent carve out of SSI’s vaccine production business and Diagnostica, SSI continues its activities within research and development of vaccines as well as diagnostic products.

Currently, clinical trials of vaccines against both tuberculosis and chlamydia are ongoing, and the results of a trial of an improved skin test to diagnose tuberculosis have just been published in Lancet Infectious Diseases.

"C-Tb, which is the name of the new skin test, is a product for which we have very high hopes. It is likely that we will soon send this particular discovery into the development phase. We expect this discovery to lead to revenues that can be channelled into new research. But the C-Tb is not the only product in our pipeline. SSI is one of Denmark’s largest research institutions in the public health sector that each year publishes many new research results, contributing to improved prevention and control of diseases. The fact that we, on top of that, also manage to convert some of our discoveries into new products and thereby contribute to increased growth, is something I am proud of on behalf of our Institute", says President & CEO Mads Melbye.

Read the report from Research and Innovation, Ministry of Higher Education and Science (in Danish): Viden til Vækst – Offentligt-privat samspil om forskning 2015

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