Infectious diseases in 2017

18 January 2018

In keeping with tradition, this year’s first issue of EPI-NEWS describes important events relating to infections and vaccines from the year that has recently ended.

Monitoring data for deep infections following total knee replacement (TKR) are now available online

10 January 2018

The national Danish monitoring system for hospital-acquired infections, HAIBA (Hospital-Acquired Infections Database) now provides a national overview of deep infections following total knee replacement (TKR). Data are available at eSundhed.

Scientist at SSI receives a grant for further development of a vaccine against resistant enteropathogen

22 December 2017

Scientists at SSI have developed a new potential vaccine against infections from the enteropathogen, Clostridium difficile (CD).

Purulent meningitis 2016

19 December 2017

The 128 notified cases of purulent meningitis is the lowest number recorded since monitoring was introduced.

Meningococcal disease 2016

15 December 2017

The 37 notified cases of meningococcal disease (MD) is the lowest number recorded since monitoring of the disease was introduced in 1980.

World AIDS Day: The Danes' image of HIV needs updating

6 December 2017

Medical progress has been rapid, and today people who have HIV live just as long as everyone else - without suffering any side effects from their medication. But there has been no corresponding development in the Danes' understanding of the condition, and the images of HIV from before effective treatment existed prevail.

Very few people become infected with hepatitis A in Denmark

29 November 2017

The number of notified patients who had become infected with hepatitis A was low both in 2015 and 2016. The low level was seen despite a major European hepatitis A outbreak.

Substantial increase in the number of legionella cases

15 November 2017

In 2016, the occurrence followed a slightly decreasing trend compared with 2015, but in 2017, up to and including August, a considerable increase was seen, particularly among people infected in Denmark

Sweden and Finland are more successful in the fight against tuberculosis than Denmark

9 November 2017

The number of tuberculosis cases among Swedish and Finnish indigenous citizens falls faster than in Denmark shows a new Nordic survey.

Monitoring of antimicrobial consumption and resistance has never been more important

8 November 2017

As from 1996, the Danish monitoring of antimicrobial consumption and development of resistance in animals, humans and foods has provided the scientific basis for identifying and supporting measures to fight antimicrobial resistance. DTU Food, DTU Vet and Statens Serum Institut are the partners behind the DANMAP monitoring programme. The programme was the first of its kind worldwide and is frequently presented abroad as an example to follow.


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