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Pneumococcal vaccination of persons at increased risk of invasive pneumococcal disease

Tuberculosis 2011, part II
The Danish health and medicines authority's guideline on physicians' prescreption of antibiotics

Tuberculosis 2011, Part I

Hepatitis A 2011
Temporary free MMR vaccination of young adults has poor coverage

HIV 2011
AIDS 2011

MRSA 2011

Legionella Pneumonia, 2011
European antibiotic awareness day

VTEC O157 outbreak September-October 2012

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow`s disease)

DANMAP 2011: Antimicrobial consumption and resistance

Current whooping cough situation and updated recommendations for prophylaxis

Bacterial meningitis 2011

Prevalence of ESBL-producing enterobacteria in Denmark, October 2011

Free influenza vaccination

Meningococcal disease

Syphilis 2011

Gonorrhoea 2011

Chlamydia 2011

Eradicating poliomyelitis: the final countdown?

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HPV vaccination of females born 1985-1992
Malaria and West Nile virus in Greece
Eurosurveillance impact factor 6.15
Nordic Vaccine Meeting 5-7 September

Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel

Malaria prophylaxis & vaccination for foreign travel: updated recommendations
Counselling of private individuals
Free HPV vaccination to adult females

Malaria 2011
Varicella vaccination: Changed recommendation

International Health Regulations

Influenza season 2011-2012

MMR vaccination coverage 2011

DTAP-IPV/HIB vaccination coverage 2011

HPV vaccination, Coverage 2011

PCV coverage & invasive pneumococcal disease 2011

Under-reporting of childhood vaccinations
Department of Epidemiology changes name

Fox tapeworm in Denmark: New status
Ornithosis 2011
National Board of Health Guideline: Infectious diseases in children and adolescents

Blood donor screening 2010 and 2011

European Immunization Week
Vaccination coverage at www.ssi.dk/data
European Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine - risk of infectious diseases

Individually notified diseases 2011

Hepatitis B, HIV & syphilis screening of pregnant women, 2011

Zoonotic intestinal infections 2011

Free MMR vaccination for young adults

Gender differences in notifiable diseases 2001-2011

Carbapenem resistant enterobacteria

Acute and chronic hepatitis C 2011
Free MMR vaccination for young adults
Changes at www.ssi.dk
SSI back on 5 Artillerivej

Clostridium difficile 2009-2011

Selected vector-borne viral diseases

Rabies 2011
-Rabies prophylaxis
-Rabies in animals
Theme day: Copenhagen rainstorm 2 July 2011

Hantavirus 2010-2011
Outbreak of salmonella Strathcona

Shigellosis 2008-2010

Conjugate pneumococcal vaccine approved for use in adults above 50 years
Eurosurveillance fifteen year anniversary 1996-2011

Infectious diseases 2011


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