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Food-borne ETEC and salmonella outbreaks
New notification forms (HIV, gonorrhoea & syphilis)
The intestinal parasite Dientamoeba fragilis
EPI-NEWS by e-mail
Tuberculosis 2005, part II
Tuberculosis 2005, part I
Whooping cough 2005
Two tetanus cases
Q fever in Denmark
Vaccination of pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia
Chikungunya fever in India
Emendation, EPI-NEWS 23a+b, 2006
Legionella pneumonia 2005
MRSA: New guideline and mandatory notification
New human papilloma virus vaccines
Listeriosis 1998-2005
Acute and chronic hepatitis B 2005
Influenza vaccination 2006/2007
Purulent meningitis 2005
Hepatitis A 2005
Blood donor screening 2005
Foodborne group A streptococcus outbreak
Rabies exposure
Tularaemia case
Annual HIV report 2005
HIV and AIDS 2005
DANMAP 2005 - Antibiotics and resistance
Danish health research in Guinea-Bissau
New rotavirus vaccines
New executive order about free vaccination against hepatitis
Chikungunya fever
Infection with seawater bacteria
The influenza season 2005-2006
MMR for travel abroad
Invasive infections with haemolytic streptococci, Group A (GAS)
Malaria 2005 and revised prophylaxis recommendations
Recommended vaccinations for travel abroad, part II
Recommended vaccinations for travel abroad, part I
Revision of vaccination recommendtions for travels abroad
Chlamydia 2005
Sexually transmitted diseases acquired abroad 1994-2005
General hepatitis B screening during pregnancy
Syphilis 2005
Individually notified diseases 2005
VTEC O103 outbreak in Norway
Measles outbreak in the Oresund region
Gonorrhoea 2005
Meningococcal disease, World TB Day 2006
Avian influenza in humans, Avian influenza diagnostics
New guidelines on avian influenza
Measles outbreak, Notified cases, Diagnostic methods, Weekly updates
Zoonotic intestinal infections 2005, General development, Weekly updates
Measles 2005, Measles in Copenhagen 2006, Measles in North Jutland 2005, Symptoms, Incubation time & infectious period, Prophylaxis, Diagnostics
Acute and Chronic Hepatitis C 2005, Acute hepatitis C, Chronic hepatitis C, Weekly updates, Mode of transmission
ECDC: EU Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Avian Influenza Update, Establishment, Strategy, Activities, Weekly updates
Food handlers as source of norovirus infection, Foodborne outbreaks, Results, Recommendations, Weekly updates
Intestinal parasites 2003-2005, Trophozoites of protozoa, PCR for intestinal parasites
The EPI-NEWS back page, Weekly updates
Rabies 2005, Rabies prophylaxis, Rabies in animals
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 2004
European Training programme for epidemiologists
SSI and surveillance in the EU
Hepatitis B screening of pregnant women
Travel and diseases - new ssi website
Avian influenza in Turkey
Measles in Europe 2001-2004, Weekly updates
Surveillance of infectious diseases 2005
Food safety
Hepatitis B
“The new normal”, Weekly updates

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