About diseases and vaccines


Chlamydia 2001
Gonorrhoea 2001
Tuberculosis 2001, part II
Tuberculosis 2001, part I
Legionella pneumonia 2001
Pneumococcal vaccination / revaccination
Pertussis 2001 and pertussis prophylaxis
Laboratory-diagnosed whooping cough, 2000-2001
Acute and cronic hepatitis C 2000-2001
Acute hepatitis B 2000-2001
Purulent meningitis 2001
Hepatitis A 2001
Influenza vaccination 2002/2003
Typhoid and paratyphoid fever 1999-2001
A rise in invasive group a streptococcal infections
Statens Serum Institute 100 years
Revised guidelines for prevention of viral hepatitis
Chronic hepatitis B 2000-2001
Syphilis 2000-2001
Hepatitis B virus infection on foreign travel
Respiratory syncytial virus
Fewer needle pricks in the childhood vaccination programme
Influenza 2001-2002
Measles / mumps 2001
Yellow fever
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel, part II
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel, part I
HIV 2001
Malaria 2001
MMR vaccination 2001
Meningococcal disease 2001
Coverage of the childhood vaccination programme, 1998-2001
Annual report 2001: cases of individually notified diseases
Rabies 2001
Zoonotic intestinal infections 2001
Surveillance of staphylococcus infections in Denmark
Leptospirosis 1982-2001
Salmonella outbreak and source tracing
Four serious cases of group a streptococcus infection
Measles outbreak in North Jutland
Outbreaks of food-borne viruses
Whooping cough 2000
Surveillance of infectious diseases at the beginning of 2002

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