Sale of SSI’s vaccine production business and Diagnostica

The Danish Government has decided to initiate a privatisation process of SSI’s business activities within production of vaccines (Vaccine Production Business) and SSI’s business activities within development, production and sale of diagnostic products (Diagnostica).

Business partners have been informed of the decision in spring 2014 and both the Vaccine Production Business and Diagnostica will continue to conduct business as usual throughout the privatisation process.

The privatisation process will be managed as two separate open and transparent sales processes.

SSI has retained EY as its financial adviser for the privatisation process. Interested prospective buyers are requested to register interest with EY. Contact details for authorised representatives of EY are listed below for both the Vaccine Production Business and Diagnostica

Vaccine Production Business Diagnostica
Mr Gert S. Christensen
Tel.: +45 2529 3122

Mr Michael W. Valdorf-Hansen
Tel.: +45 2529 3848
Mr Anders Broennum-Schou
Tel.: +45 2529 3230

Ms Pernille Finsteen Gjoedvad
Tel.: +45 2529 3354

Interested prospective buyers will be provided with a brief business profile, a procedure letter as well as a confidentiality undertaking. Formal interest shall be registered with EY no later than 30 January 2015 as set out in the procedure letter.