Still more research from the DNBC

In the last couple of years we have seen a significant increase of publications based on data from the Danish National Birth Cohort. At the same time more researchers are applying for DNBC data.

In 2012 42 scientific articles based on DNBC data were published and 43 were published in 2013. The increase is obvious compared to the previous 5 years where approximately 25 articles where published annually.

The complete list of publications now consists of 282 publications.

See the list at NCBI here: NCBI list of publications

 Uviklingen i antal publikationer og ansøgninger om dataadgang i BSMB.




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An increasing number of applications for DNBC data

At the same time  still more researchers are applying the DNBC for data. As the illustration shows it usually takes a few years from the application being approved to the final paper being published. In the last 4 years the DNBC secretariat has received 35 applications annually. Though not all applications end up with a published article many projects end up publishing more than one paper. At the DNBC secretariat we are happy about this development and we are looking forward to receiving more applications in the future.


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