Danish researchers refute link between common antibiotic and serious eye problem

26 November 2013

A Danish study released today in the prestigious medical journal JAMA finds no evidence for a link between use of  fluoroquinolone antibiotics and an increased risk of retinal detachment, a serious acute eye disorder. These findings contradict those reported in a Canadian study published last year

SSI and Aeras Announce Initiation of Phase I/IIa Clinical Trial for Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidate

8 November 2013

Clinical Testing Expanded for Vaccine Against Latent TB 

Danish study cannot confirm suspected link between antifungal drug and birth defects

29 August 2013

Many women suffer from vaginal fungus during pregnancy. A new large study from Statens Serum Institut does not support a suggested link between antifungal drug use during pregnancy and major birth defects. The study found no increased risk of birth defects overall or for 14 out of 15 individual birth defects. However, a slightly increased prevalence of one type of birth defect was observed among infants of mothers treated with antifungal drugs compared to untreated.

Genetic variants and plasma lipids found to be associated with common gastrointestinal condition in infants

27 August 2013

Pyloric stenosis is a digestive system disorder affecting between 1 and 3 per 1,000 infants in Western countries. Researchers at Statens Serum Institut have identified a new genetic variant associated with the disease. The variant is also associated with levels of circulating cholesterol which may be an important lead to understand how the condition develops. The results have been published in the August 21 issue of JAMA.

New large safety study on anti-nausea medication use in pregnancy is reassuring

28 February 2013

Ondansetron is a drug used for nausea and vomiting, and its use in pregnancy has increased during the last few years. In a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from Statens Serum Institut report that there was no evidence that ondansetron use in pregnancy was detrimental to the fetus.

UNESCO-L'Oréal 'For women in Science' grant to Dr. Tine Jess

28 January 2013

Dr. Tine Jess receives the UNESCO-L’Oréal grant 2013 in acknowledgement of her research hitherto and for a specific project on long-term consequences of treatment with tumor necrosis factors alpha (TNF-α) antagonists for inflammatory bowel disease.

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