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Postoperative infections following primary total knee replacement
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Purulent meningitis 2016

Meningococcal disease 2016

Shigellosis 2014-2016
A polio-free World?
World AIDS Day: The Danes' image of HIV needs updating

Hepatitis A 2015-2016
Two tetanus cases

Cases of toxin-producing diphtheria of the throat detected in Denmark
European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 17-24 November 2017 – Test. Treat. Prevent.
The year’s antibiotic campaign is underway
Various mono vaccine dosages against hepatitis B
Limited subsidy for Prevenar13 for persons with diabetes mellitus above 65 years of age

Legionella pneumonia 2016


Novel 9-valent HPV vaccine in the childhood vaccination programme
Hepatitis A vaccines in short supply
Paperless notification of syphilis and gonorrhoea is now possible

Invasive pneumococcal disease and coverage of pneumococcal vaccination in the childhood vaccination programme 2016
Report on the HPV vaccination coverage - status as per 4 September 2017

Infection with TBE virus in Denmark 2013-2016

Novel HPV vaccine in the childhood vaccination programme
Outbreak of Chikungunya virus infection in the Lazio region of Italy
Outbreak of Chikungunya virus infection in the Var region of France
Sporadic cases of malaria in Southern Europe

Influenza vaccination 2017/2018

Denmark has eliminated measles
The Brazilian yellow fever outbreak has ended

Screening of pregnant women for hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis, 2016

Another two cases of measles on Zealand
Chlamydia 2016

Measles case in West Zealand
New vaccine for meningococcal disease of group B
SSI Vaccine Day in Copenhagen on 11 September 2017

Recommended vaccinations for foreign travel
Pilgrimages to Mecca
Increase in infections with invasive group A streptococci in January-April 2017

Malaria 2016
Severe falciparum malaria imported from the Limpopo province in South Africa

Status on the coverage of the HPV vaccination programme
Tetanus mono vaccine will be discontinued

The 2016/2017 influenza season

MRSA 2016
Measles in Europe

Syphilis 2016

HAIBA 2016

Ornithosis 2016
Blood donor screening 2016
The Danish Health Authority’s information leaflet on the childhood vaccination programme has been translated into another four languages.

Gonorrhoea 2016

Annual report on the Danish childhood vaccination programme
Meningococcal disease - How to avoid further cases among acquaintances?

Whooping cough 2016
Whooping cough in children below 2 years of age

Phasing-out of the temporary vaccination programme

New country classification for Zika virus
Extended yellow fever vaccination recommendations for travels to Brazil

Acute and chronic hepatitis C, 2016
Measles in Aarhus
New gonorrhea notification form

Cases of hepatitis A in Europe among men who have sex with men
Update on yellow fever in Brazil
Phasing-put of the temporary vaccination programme

Acute and chronic hepatitis B 2016

Individually notified diseases 2016

Increase in the incidence of invasive meningococcal disease caused by group W135
Yellow fever outbreak in Brazil

Current state of the 2016/17 influenza season
Vaccination reminders to be sent to e-Boks
Modification of the rights to register vaccines in the Danish Vaccination Register (DVR)

Tapeworm infections detected at Statens Serum Institut in the period of 2005–2015

The Danish state's vaccine production business has now been divested

Infectious diseases in 2016
Measles case in North Zealand


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