About diseases and vaccines


Serological detection of selected haemoparasites, 2005-2015
Influenza vaccine - new guidelines for reserved stock

Tuberculosis 2015

Monitoring of mortality in Denmark in relation to influenza
Extended deadline to conclude vaccination with Gardasil®

Fighting discrimination of HIV positives

Postoperative infections following primary total hip replacement
The Danish National Biobank - a unique overview of 22 million biological specimens

Epidemic occurrence of whooping cough
European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 18-25. November 2016 – Test-Treat-Prevent
National antibiotics campaign about urinary tract infections

The first year with statutory registration of vaccinations in the Danish Vaccination Register
Influenza vaccine on back order

Selected parasite infections detected using the PCR method

Legionella pneumonia 2015

Initial Danish experiences with Zika virus diagnostics
Current recommendations for diagnostics of Zika virus and for pregnant travellers
Mycoplasma pneumoniae epidemic

Invasive pneumococcal disease and coverage of pneumococcal vaccination in the childhood vaccination programme 2015
New sub-site on travel vaccination at the SSI website

Influenza vaccination 2016/2017

Gonorrhoea 2015

Meningococcal disease 2015
Purulent meningitis 2015

Syphilis 2015
Measles cases in the Copenhagen area

Hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis screening of pregnant women, 2015

Chlamydia 2015

Leptospirosis: 2011-2016
SSI vaccine day in Vejle on 13 September 2016
Yellow fewer – outbreak status and updated vaccination requirements

Vaccination recommendations for foreign travel
Increased occurrence of whooping cough
Counselling of citizens

Malaria 2015
Updated recommendations on malaria propylaxis

Rickettsia diagnostics in Denmark 2008-2015

The 2015/2016 influenza season

MRSA 2015

Zika virus update
Serious outbreak of yellow fever in Angola

HAIBA 2015
Norovirus outbreak caused by lettuce

Blood donor screening 2015
Ornithosis 2015
Measles in Aarhus

Annual reports on the danish childhood vaccination programme

Whooping cough 2015
Whooping cough in children below 2 years of age
Updated guidelines on whooping cough post-exposure prophylaxis and treatment

Tuberculosis 2014
Hexavalent vaccine for the childhood vaccination programme will be provided with the name of Hexaxim®. The vaccine provided is identical to Hexyon®

Update on the Zika virus situation
Status quo on the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa

Acute hepatitis C and chronic hepatitis C
MMR vaccination for 12-years-old

Bacterial intestinal infections 2014-15

Induvidually notified diseases 2015
The mycoplasma pneumoniae epidemic is receding

Acute and chronic hepatitis B 2015

Changed opening hours for the telephone advice service at the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology.
Atovaquone/proguanil as malaria prophylaxis for children weighing 5-10 kg
Doxycycline as malaria prophylaxis for children aged 8-11 years
Lariam® is no longer marketed in Denmark
Registration of batch numbers for Japanese BCG vaccine
Novel and more complete electronic monitoring of neuroborreliosis and more frequently collected monitoring data for chlamydia

Rabies 2015

Vaccination in the temporary childhood vaccination programme

Settlement codes for HPV vaccination as from 1 February 2016
New temporary BCG vaccine from Japan
Major Danish case-control study on risk factors for infection with campylobacter
Two Danish case-control studies on risk factors for infection with livestock MRSA
Danish case-control study among HPV vaccinated women on determinants for notification with a presumed serious adverse effect

New temporary childhood vaccination programme

Novel HPV vaccine in the childhood vaccination programme
The Travel Advice Service (Rejserådgivningen) at Statens Serum Institut will close as from 1 February 2016

Infectious diseases 2015


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