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Water damage following the storm Bodil
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Temporary substitution of child vaccine to Infanrix hexa® and 5-year booster to dTap booster and separate polio vaccine (IPV)

Temporary change in the childhood vaccination programme

Hepatitis A 2012
Major hepatitis A outbreak caused by frozen strawberries
Hepatitis A vaccines from the SSI
World AIDS Day 1 December
Form 1510 can no longer be ordered from Dafolo

MRSA 2012

Polio in Syria
Mumps virus still in circulation in Denmark
Adverse reactions associated with MMR vaccination
European Antibiotic Awareness Day and national Danish antibiotic campaign

MiBa – the Danish Microbiology Database

HIV 2012
Aids 2012
European HIV testing week

DANMAP 2012: Antimicrobial consumption and resistance

Tender for two vaccines for the Danish childhood vaccination programme

Legionella pneumonia, 2012

Bacterial meningitis 2012

Influenza vaccination 2013/2014
Pneumococcal vaccination of persons at increased risk of invasive pneumococcal disease
Limitation of the right of issue for Lariam®

Salmonella Enteritidis and Shigella sonnei in connection with vacation travel to Turkey in 2013
Pilgrimages to Mecca
Wild polio virus in circulation in Israel

Meningococcal disease 2012

Chlamydia 2012

Gonorrhoea 2012

Syphilis 2012

Tuberculosis treatment 2008-2010
News on the use of disinfectantsin Danish healthcare

Update of the SSI's recommended vaccinations for foreign travel
EPI-NEWS summer break
Protection of the pregnant traveller

Tick-borne infections in Denmark
Neuroborreliosis 2011-12
Tick-borne encephalitis 2011-12
Other tick-borne infections

Malaria 2012
Increasing number of mumps cases in Denmark
Measles outbreak has ended
Novel MMR vaccine in the Childhood Vaccination Programme
THE DANISH HEALTH AND MEDICINES AUTHORITY's guidelines on MRSA and use of antibiotics, in English

The 2012/13 Influenza season

Hepatitis B, HIV & syphilis screening of pregnant women, 2012
Hepatitis A outbreak caused by frozen strawberries continues in Denmark – Cases observed across the Nordic countries

The new coronavirus – MERS-CoV – still demands attention
DTaP-IPV/HIB vaccination coverage 2012

HPV Vaccination – Coverage 2012

Invasive pneumococcal disease and PCV coverage 2012

Blood donor screening 2012
Psittacosis 2012

Update on Chinese influenza A (H7N9) outbreak
Typhoid and paratyphoid fever 2011-2012

European Immunization Week
MMR Vaccination coverage at end of 2012
Elimination of Measles and Rubella in Europe by 2015
Update on the Danish Vaccination Register (DVR)

Whooping cough 2011 and 2012
Whooping cough in children < 2 years

Measles outbreak in the Silkeborg area
Individually notified diseases 2012

Zoonotic intestinal infections 2012


New guideline on HIV and hepatitis B and C virus

Update on new coronavirus outbreak
Registered age range for Japanese encephalitis and meningitis vaccines extended
Two measles cases notified in February 2013

Acute Hepatitis C 2012


Rabies 2012

Three cases of infant botulism
Measles in Jutland
Opening of Danish Vaccination Register

Vaccination of children of hepatitis B-infected mothers, 2006-2010

Acute and chronic hepatitis B 2011
European training programme to becomme a field epidemiologist (EPIET) or a field microbiologist (EUPHEM)

Infectious diseases 2012


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