Amalie Bøggild Schmidt

Amalie Bøggild Schmidt


Amalie Bøggild Schmidt, Ph.d.-stipendiat, Epidemiologisk Forskning / Infektions- og cancerepidemiologi
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Research Areas

My research revolves around risk factors for congenital heart defects during pregnancy. The main purpose of my thesis is to better understand the mechanisms behind the development of heart defects - especially with a focus on modifiable risk factors such as blood glucose in diabetic women, drug use and diet during early pregnancy. My research is based on data from the Danish health registers as well as the Danish National Birth Cohort.

2013  MD, Aarhus University 

2016-  PhD student, Department of Epidemiology Research, SSI 
2014-2016   Internship, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University Hospital of Copenhagen, 
2013-2014  Residency: Department of Cardiology, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Glostrup 
and Gastrounit, Surgical Division, University Hospital of Copenhagen