Rolf Billeskov, Post doc

Rolf Billeskov
Statens Serum Institut
Artillerivej 5 , 81/348
2300 København S
3268 3268


  • Pre-clinical development and testing of new vaccines and vaccine strategies against tuberculosis


  • Analysis of immune response during different stages of experimental Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in mice
  • Optimize strategies to improve post-exposure vaccine induced protection against tuberculosis with regards to administration route, timing of immunizations, antigen dose

Udvalgte publikationer

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  • Billeskov R, Tan EV, Cang M, Abalos RM, Burgos J, Pedersen BV, Christensen D, Agger EM, Andersen P Testing the H56 Vaccine Delivered in 4 Different Adjuvants as a BCG-Booster in a Non-Human Primate Model of Tuberculosis. PLoS One.2016; 11(8), e0161217 PubMed