Jes Dietrich, Senior scientist, Ph.D.

Jes Dietrich
Statens Serum Institut
5 Artillerivej , 81/329
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
+45 3268 3268


  • Responsible for Streptococcus vaccine research

Research area

  • Examine the optimal immune response against GAS, e.g. by using different adjuvant systems
  • Development of  new vaccines against a group A streptococcus (GAS) infection
  • Development and testing of new vaccine strategies against TB based on supplementing BCG with a subunit vaccine and different adjuvant systems

Selected publications

  • Rivera L, Pedersen RS, Peña L, Olsen KJ, Andreasen LV, Kromann I, Nielsen PI, Sørensen C, Dietrich J, Bandyopadhyay AS, Thierry-Carstensen B Immunogenicity and safety of three aluminium hydroxide adjuvanted vaccines. Lancet Infect Dis.2017; 2017, pii: S1473-3099(17)30177-9 PubMed
  • Kuczkowska K, Myrbraten I, Øverland L, Eijsink VGH, Follmann F, Mathiesen G, Dietrich J Lactobacillus plantarum producing a Chlamydia trachomatis antigen induces a specific IgA response after mucosal booster immunization. PLoS One.2017; 12(5), e0176401 PubMed
  • Mortensen RS, Christensen D, Hansen LB, Christensen JP, Andersen P, Dietrich J Local Th17/IgA immunity correlate with protection against intranasal infection with Streptococcus pyogenes. PLoS One.2017; 12(4), e0175707 PubMed
  • Christensen D, Mortensen RS, Rosenkrands I, Dietrich J, Andersen P Vaccine-induced Th17 cells are established as resident memory cells in the lung and promote local IgA responses. Mucosal Immunol.2017; 10(1), 260-270 PubMed
  • Lindgren LM, Tingskov PN, Justesen AH, Nedergaard BS, Olsen KJ, Andreasen LV, Andreasen LV, Sørensen CD, Dietrich J, Thierry-Carstensen B First-in-human safety and immunogenicity investigations of three adjuvanted reduced dose inactivated poliovirus vaccines (IPV-AI SSI). Vaccine.2017; 2017 Jan 23;35(4), PubMed