Signe Sørup, PhD, MSc in Public Health Science

Signe Sørup
Statens Serum Institut
5 Artillerivej , 206/110
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
+45 3268 3268


Signe Sørup plans and implements observational epidemiological register-based studies in Denmark. The main topic of these studies is non-specific effects of vaccines. In other words studies examining if vaccines affect other diseases than those diseases they are designed to protect against.

Research area

Non-specific effects of vaccines, observational studies, epidemiology, registered-based studies, infectious disease epidemiology, vaccination

Selected publications

  • Sørup S, Benn CS, Poulsen A, Krause TG, Aaby P, Ravn H Simultaneous vaccination with MMR and DTaP-IPV-Hib and rate of hospital admissions with any infections: A nationwide register based cohort study. Vaccine.2016; 34(50), 6172-6180 PubMed
  • Sørup S Non-specific beneficial effects of measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in Danish children. University of Copenhagen. 2014;
  • Sørup S, Benn CS, Poulsen A, Krause TG, Aaby P, Ravn H Live vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella and the risk of hospital admissions for nontargeted infections. JAMA.2014; 311(8), 826-835 PubMed
  • Villumsen M, Jess T, Sørup S, Ravn H, Sturegård E, Benn CS, Aaby P, Roth A Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease following Bacille Calmette-Guérin and Smallpox Vaccination: A Population-based Danish Case-Cohort-Study. Inflamm Bowel Dis.2013; 19(8), 1717-1724 PubMed
  • Sørup S, Villumsen M, Ravn H, Benn CS, Sørensen TIA, Benn CS, Jess T, Roth A Smallpox vaccination and all-cause infectious disease hospitalization: a Danish register-based cohort study. Int J Epidemiol.2011; 40, 955-963