DNBC participants - women and offspring - have contributed with their time and effort to establish a unique data source for research. In this section you will find information about DNBC questionnaires and data available.

Access to Data

More than 50 research groups from Denmark and abroad have gained access to DNBC data and more than 300 peer-reviewed publications and 18 PhD thesis have been published based on DNBC data.

If you have a research idea that requires prospectively collected data from pregnancy and early childhood, you are welcome to contact the DNBC secretariat for an application form for access to DNBC data.

Read more about the conditions for access to data and how to apply

Data available

You may ask for data from:

The registration form
History of births
Interview 1-4
Miscarriage project
Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ)
7-year follow-up
11-year follow-up

We are also planning to release data from our study of 14-year olds dietary habits in 2017 and later data from our 18-year old follow-up.

Enrolments and response rates

Enrolments 101,042
Interview 1 92,892 92%
Interview 2 87,802 87%
Interview 3 70,296 69%
Interview 4 66,764 65%
FFO 66,874 66%
7-year 57,282 63% (91,256 participants were invited)
11-year approx. 41,000 54%

See table of cumulated participation


To see the list of articles based on DNCB data visit our collection on the NCBI-website. As of January 2016 our publication list counted more than 380 publications.

Last revised 7 January 2016