Notified HIV cases in 2016 are in line with the previous year

Men who have sex with men as well as immigrants who have become infected with HIV through heterosexual contact prior to their arrival to Denmark continued to comprise the largest transmission groups among newly no-tified HIV cases.

2016 saw a total of 244 notified cases of HIV, including 191 men and 53 women. Among these, 62 had previously been diagnosed with HIV abroad. Persons who have already been diagnosed abroad contribute with an increasing number to the total number of persons who are living with HIV in Denmark.

Among the 182 people (146 men and 36 women) who were diagnosed with HIV for the first time, a total of 106 were born in Denmark and 76 were immigrants.

Among the 182 persons who were diagnosed with HIV for the first time, 100 were men who have sex with men, 71 were heterosexually infected and 5 were intravenous drug users.

A total of 102 had become infected in Denmark and another 77 abroad.

Although the number of HIV positives who arrive to Denmark from Eastern Europe is limited, the number follows an increasing trend, Figure 1.

EPI-NEWS 2017 no 36 - figure 1 

HIV prevention includes early testing, early treatment and preventive HIV medication for people who are at a high risk of becoming infected with HIV.

For more information, please see EPI-NEWS 36/17.


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