New country classification for Zika virus

The WHO, the ECDC (the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) and the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have introduced a joint country classification for Zika virus infection as per 10 March 2017.

The classification divides the countries into four groups based on both current and previous occurrence of Zika virus as well as the potential for infection with Zika virus assessed on the basis of the presence of relevant mosquitoes, among others.

In EPI-NEWS 12, 2017, the categories are described along with their importance for Danish travellers to the countries concerned. The SSI's recommendations for travel to areas with Zika virus, and in particular for pregnant women, remain essentially unchanged. Pregnant women and women who are currently considering to become pregnant are recommended to postpone any non-necessary travels to Category 1 countries. If a journey cannot be postponed, the pregnant woman should be particularly attentive to prophylactic measures against mosquito bites.

For more information, please see EPI-NEWS 12/17.

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