Outbreak of salmonella Strathcona

Towards the end of September 2011, the Enteropathogenic Laboratory at Statens Serum Institut identified several cases of the very rare salmonella serotype S. Strathcona, which has not previously been diagnosed in Denmark.

A total of 43 Danes fell ill due to S. Strathcona between 4 September and 26 October 2011. Patients lived in a number of different locations across most parts of Denmark. Initial interviews identified no obvious food sources, but did show that nearly all patients had been shopping in the Rema 1000 supermarket chain. Further investigation demonstrated that "Datterino" tomatoes were the probable cause.

To our knowledge, this was the first outbreak of S. Strachcona ever recorded. Fresh tomatoes has previously been the source of salmonella outbreaks, but this is the first major salmonella outbreak caused by tomatoes observed in Denmark.

For more information, please see EPI-NEWS no. 4, 2012.

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