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Tuberculosis 2007, part II
Tuberculosis 2007, part I
Salmonella outbreak
Malaria cases imported from the Gambia
MRSA outbreaks at neonatal departments
World AIDS Day 2008
DANMAP 2007: Antimicrobial consumption & resistance
Acute & chronic hepatitis B 2007
European Antibiotic Awareness Day
Purulent meningitis 2007
Annual HIV report 2007
HIV & AIDS annual report 2007
Campaign: HIV only transferred via sex and blood
Whooping cough 2007
Whooping cough in children under 2 years
Syphilis 2007
Hepatitis A 2007
Hepatitis E
Influenza vaccination 2008/2009
Pneumococcal vaccine in the Danish childhood vaccination programme
DTaP-IPV/HIB vaccination coverage by end 2007
MMR vaccination coverage by end 2007
HPV vaccine in the childhood vaccination programme
Blood donor screening 2007
Antimicrobial barometer
European training programme in field microbiology
New provisions on vaccine subsidiation
Salmonella Typhimurium U292 outbreak
MRSA 2007
Malaria 2007
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel, part II
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel, part I
HPV in the childhood vaccination programme
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel
Influenza season 2007-2008
Norovirus reporting
Legionella pneumonia 2007
Gonorrhoea 2007
Chlamydia 2007
Lymphogranuloma venereum
Bath water infections & marine bacteria
Dengue fever
European Immunization Week 2008
Individually notified diseases 2007
Danish studies on the efficiency and safety of childhood vaccines
Meningococcal disease 2007
ESBL-producing bacteria
World TB Day
Zoonotic intestinal infections 2007
MMR 2 vaccination advanced to 4 years
Measles & mumps 2007-February 2008
Acute & chronic hepatitis C 2007
Three tetanus cases
Yellow fever in Paraguay, Argentina & Brazil
Shigellosis 2004-2007
Avian influenza update
Ornithosis 2007, annual report
Typhoid & paratyphoid fever 2004-2007
EPIET - European field epidemiology study programme
Rabies 2007:
Post exposure prophylaxis
In animals
Disease surveillance 2007

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