About diseases and vaccines


Q-fever: Testing & management
TB treatment 2005
Tuberculosis 2006, part II
Tuberculosis 2006, part I
Rectal LGV, Copenhagen
World AIDS day 2007
Salmonella enteritidis outbreak, Copenhagen
Vaccination of pilgrims, Saudi Arabia
Paludrine withdrawal
MMR 2 at 4-year examination
Neuroborreliosis 2005-2006
New version:”Travelling & Infectious Diseases"
Mandatory yellow fever vaccination, Bolivia
Danmap 2006: Antimicrobial consumption and resistance
Purulent meningitis 2006
Annual HIV report 2006
HIV and AIDS 2006
Contact tracing of partners to HIV positives
Universal HBV screening during pregnancy
Food poisoning at Ledreborg Castle
Legionella pneumonia 2006
Hepatitis A 2006
Acute & chronic hepatitis B 2006
Influenza vaccination 2007/2008
FAQs on pneumococcal vaccination of children
Pneumococcal vaccine in the childhood vaccination programme
Unprotected sex in DK: Infection risk
Chikungunya virus in Italy
Shigellosis outbreak from imported baby corn
Influenza 2006/2007
Clostridium difficile
MRSA from swine
Pneumococcal vaccination in the childhood vaccination programme
Blood donor screening 2006
Influenza 2006/2007
Clostridium difficile
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel, part II
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel, part I
Malaria 2006
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel
Rabies 2006
Rabies prophylaxis
Rabies in animals
Whooping cough 2006
MRSA: Initial experiences with mandatory notification
Campylobacter outbreaks
Health technology assessment on the reduction of cervical cancer risk in connection with HPV vaccination
SSI Infection Preparedness Report
Chlamydia 2006
Chlamydia trachomatis mutant
Syphilis 2006
Lymphogranuloma venereum
Gonorrhoea 2006
Deaths caused by meningococal disease
VTEC outbreak caused by beef sausage
Individually notified diseases 2006
Meningococcal disease 2006
Zoonotic Intestinal infections 2006
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) - 10 years surveillance
Pneumococcal vaccination of at-risk children
Water contamination in Køge, January 2007
Acute and chronic hepatitis C 2006
Ornithosis 2006
Error, gonorrhoea and syphilis notification forms
DTaP-IPV/HIB Vaccination: Coverage end 2005
MMR vaccination: Questions and answers
MMR vaccination coverage by the end of 2005
Cases of illness caused by contaminated water in Køge
Measles, mumps and rubella 2002-2006
MRSA transmission from domestic animals
Laboratory diagnosed whooping cough 2005 and 2006
TB treatment 2004
Redesigned EUVAC.NET website
European field epidemiology study programme
Municipality on notification form 1515
EPI-NEWS index 2006
Surveillance of infectious diseases 2006
Changes in malaria prophylaxis recommendations for travellers to Goa, India

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