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SSI is one of Denmark’s largest research institutions in the health sector.
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R and DSSI is one of Denmark’s largest research institutions in the health sector
ProductsVaccines, In vitro diagnostics
Contract ServicesSSI provides contract work within our core activities and competences
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Danish National Biobank

The Danish National Biobank

The Danish National Biobank gives scientists from Denmark and abroad overview and access to more than 16 million biological samples in both existing and future collections. Read more about the Danish National Biobank...
New Chief Executive Officer at Statens Serum Institut. Mads Melbye will take over the position as CEO on September 8, 2016.
Leptospirosis is a potentially serious condition, but fortunately it only occurs rarely in Denmark.
Statens Serum Institut has developed a new diagnostic microbiome test that can detect most bacterial, fungal and parasitic path...

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Leptospirosis: 2011-2016
SSI vaccine day in Vejle on 13 September 2016
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Vaccination recommendations for foreign travel
Increased occurrence of whooping cough
Counselling of citizens
Malaria 2015
Updated recommendations on malaria propylaxis
Rickettsia diagnostics in Denmark 2008-2015
The 2015/2016 influenza season

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Statens Serum Institut has contributed to the first study that demonstrates that first-degree relatives of people who have been hospitali...
Every other one of us carries the staphylococcus bacterium in our nose. But why don’t the other half? The theory is other bacteria in the...
A new Danish study reports that mothers with prepregnancy diabetes have a 4-fold increased risk of giving birth to a child with congenita...
A bi-nationwide study from Denmark and Sweden including 900.000 patients can not confirm a suspected increased risk of arrhythmia in pati...

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