Researcher/Senior researcher for virus molecular and immunology research and development

Deadline for application: 23 August 2017

A permanent position as virus molecular/immunology researcher at Virus Research and Development (ViFU) Laboratory, Department of Virology & Microbiology Special Diagnostic (VMD), Sector for Infectious Control, Statens Serum Institut (SSI), is vacant for a qualified researcher performing influenza and HIV molecular and immunology studies.  
The ViFU laboratory and the MDV department  
ViFU is performing R&D in molecular virology and immunity and vaccinology using especially HIV (chronic) and influenza (acute) as models. ViFU is part of the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) at SSI. ViFU also develops molecular biology based diagnostic methods (e.g. LAMP, micro-array and Whole Genome Sequencing, WGS) for exotic virus. The ViFU laboratory contain a Biosafety-3 (BSL-3) facility and the staff at the moment is 5 researchers, 4 technicians and 2 students. ViFU is member of the EU consortia’s: UNISEC for development of universal influenza vaccines, EbolaMoDrad for development of ebola molecular diagnostics and inactivation, ENIVD/EVD-LabNet for diagnostic of exotic and emerging viral diseases e.g. Ebola, Zika, Mers, WNV, Usutu etc. in EU, and MAD-VIR (Micro-array diagnostic of virus) surveillance of exotic virus in animals, humans and insects in 9 Reference Institutes in Europe.  
The staffs of VMD are about 90 employees which include ViFU and 4 other laboratory units including routine serology and molecular diagnostic, surveillance and reference functions of human and animal virus. VMD is the Danish central laboratory for diagnostic/surveillance, guidance and research in virus infections, and is a WHO Collaborating Centre for Virus Reference and Research and the regional WHO Center for influenza.  
The job  
As a researcher/Senior researcher you will:  
• Participate in ViFU’s DNA/RNA vaccine R&D of a universal influenza A vaccine for pigs and humans  
(Vaccine gene design, plasmid cloning, sequencing, RNA production, gene analysis/expression,  
animal experiments)  
• Participate in ViFU’s research projects on HIV-1/HIV-2 molecular virology, immunology to develop  
therapeutic “cure” HIV vaccine components. This involves animal experiments, clinical research with collaborators aiming at human trials  
• Participate in writing of publications, patents and funds applications  
• Perform/participate in assays for influenza immunity (neutralization, HA- and NA inhibition tests, incl. virus culture in BSL3 laboratory, sterile cell culturing, purifications of cells, antibody assays on sera from experimental animals and patients  
• Supervise and instruct technicians and students  
• Participate in meetings, symposia and conferences of relevance for the ViFU projects and for the VMD department tasks of surveillance of virus from humans and animals  
You are biochemist, molecular biologist, biologist, medical or veterinarian or similar with laboratory experience. You hold a PhD or similar research education within HIV/influenza molecular and humoral immunological research. You have documented scientific experience and publications within HIV or influenza molecular virology and immunology with international collaborators (network).  
You may have experience in BSL3 laboratory work (culturing virus). You have documented scientific and practical expertise in DNA vaccines including plasmid design, delivery, animal models e.g. mice, rabbits, monkeys and/or swine, and preferably also knowledge on RNA vaccines (design, formulation, delivery). Furthermore, you have good collaboration skills with Scandinavian and EU partners and master English and you may have interest in research study visits with collaborators in EU countries and USA.  
Terms of employment  
The employment is covered by the terms of the collective agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Organization of Academics and will be in accordance with the current Danish legislation for employment of scientific staff at public sector institutions. Base salary will be determined based on seniority and with a supplement depending on experience and qualifications. Pension represents 17.1% of the salary.  
For further inquiries about the position please contact Professor DMSc Chief of Lab. Anders Fomsgaard at +45 3268 3460 or +45 40634638 or e-mail: afo@ssi-dk.  
Are you interested?  
Click on ”søg stillingen her”, in “English” click in the upper left corner and send us your application, Curriculum Vitae and a copy of relevant diplomas.  
In order to review your research qualifications we kindly ask you to submit a list of publications and 3-5 scientific publications. Your research qualifications will be reviewed by a scientific review panel in accordance with the current Danish legislation for employment of scientific staff at public sector institutions in Denmark.