E. coli latex test

ImmuLex™ E. coli is a latex test consisting of polyclonal antibodies sensibilised for latex particles.
The latex test is used for screening of most human patogen E. coli such as EPEC and VTEC. The test gives you an answer within 10 seconds and is an important part of quick diagnostic methods.

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E. coli VTEC/STEC produces Vero-toxin/Shiga-toxin which is associated with Hemorrhagic Colitis (HC). Children less than 5 years of age and elderly with HC are in risk of developing Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) which can be fatal. Normally O157:H7 was linked to HC and HUS but it has been observed that other VTEC/STEC E. coli have also been the cause of the mentioned diseases. Identification of vero-toxin producing pathogens provides important information for optimum treatment of the patient. The E. coli latex test does not need to confirm the result with O sera.

Product description

The ImmuLex™ E. coli tests are available as latex particles coated with purified E. coli polyclonal O antibodies. The antisera are produced by immunising rabbits with formalin killed culture. To obtain complete specificity of the product, the antiserum is purified before it is coupled to latex particles. The ImmuLex™ products are supplied in dropper bottles of 1.5 mL ready-to-use reagent, sufficient for 75 tests.


ImmuLex™ E. coli products identify O serotypes by slide agglutination, using material directly from a selective plate. A positive reaction is seen within 10 seconds.

Product range

We offer the most prevalent O-serotypes as latex products.


Product No. of tests Packing
81663 ImmuLex™ E. coli O26 75 1.5 mL vial
81670 ImmuLex™ E. coli O55 75 1.5 mL vial
81668 ImmuLex™ E. coli O91 75 1.5 mL vial
81664 ImmuLex™ E. coli O103 75 1.5 mL vial
81665 ImmuLex™ E. coli O111 75 1.5 mL vial
81667 ImmuLex™ E. coli O128 75 1.5 mL vial
73412  ImmuLex™ E. coli O157 75 1.5 mL vial
53285 Reaction cards, 200 pcs. 600  1 box
88464  Reaction cards, 50 pcs. 150  1 box


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