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For more than a century, SSI's main task has been to secure the preparedness towards infectious diseases and congenital disorders.

Today, SSI is an international research and service enterprise employing approx. 800 employees.

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R and DSSI is one of Denmark’s largest research institutions in the health sector
Contract ServicesSSI provides contract work within our core activities and competences
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EPI-NEWSNational surveillance of communicable diseases
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New mission and strategy

SSI has produced a new strategy with a focus on infectious disease preparedness, biobanking and biomarkers, and research. Read more about SSI's new strategy...
Danish National Biobank

The Danish National Biobank

The Danish National Biobank gives scientists from Denmark and abroad overview and access to more than 16 million biological samples in both existing and future collections. Read more about the Danish National Biobank...
Statens Serum Institut no longer recommends routine use of malaria tablets for travellers to the majority of countries/areas in...
In 2016, a total of 101 cases of imported malaria were notified by Danish laboratories to Statens Serum Institut.
Considerably more HPV vaccinations are given now than in the corresponding period last year.

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Increase in infections with invasive group A streptococci in...
Malaria 2016
Severe falciparum malaria imported from the Limpopo province in South Africa
Status on the coverage of the HPV vaccination programme
Tetanus mono vaccine will be discontinued
The 2016/2017 influenza season
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Measles in Europe

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New research from CVIVA shows that Danish children, who have received the live MMR vaccine together with the non-live DTaP-IPV-Hib vaccin...
Statens Serum Institut has participated in a study that describes an outbreak of tuberculosis in East Greenland. Using whole-genome seque...
Many women with perceived severe adverse reactions to the HPV vaccination showed symptoms before the first vaccination.
Statens Serum Institut has contributed to the first study that demonstrates that first-degree relatives of people who have been hospitali...

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